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Membership Types

EAITA offers three types of memberships: Ordinary, accredited and student memberships.

Ordinary Membership– Any person who holds a diploma or a degree in translation or interpretation, or who holds other qualifications recognized by the Association, or who has at least two years verifiable experience in translation or interpretation and earns a living from the practice of translation or interpretation and is recognized as such by the Association is eligible for ordinary membership of the association at an annual fee of 3000 Kenya shillings. Ordinary members do not have voting rights.

Accredited Membership– To qualify to be an accredited member of the Association, one must be an ordinary member of the Association, pay an accreditation fee of 3,000 Kenya Shillings and pass a translation or interpretation examination set and administered by the Association. The examinations shall be administered three times a year. Accredited members have voting rights.

Student Membership– Persons pursuing translation, interpretation, language and related disciplines at tertiary level qualify to be student members of the Association. An annual membership fee of 3,000 Kenya Shillings shall be payable to the Association. Student members do not have voting rights.

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